Irfan Raimi


Saturday, December 26, 2009

biLa JaRi IngiN BerTuTuR...


If OnlY wE CouLd thrOw AwaY
EverYrhIng BuT ThaT wHaT iS ReallY imPortAnT....
bUt The ReAlitY iS siMplY cRueL
wheneVeR I clOse My EyeS
YoU Are There,smIliNg.....
I hoPe tHat Ur SmilinG face
Will Be witH mE Until ThE DaY
I FalL IntO EteRnaL sleeP...
ArE aLL PeoPle SaD?
TheY ArE suCh FoRgeTfuL crEaturEs..
For ThE sAke Of ThoSe whO GivE LovE
For ThE sAke Of ThoSe whO ArE LoVeD
I will Do WhaT I cAn
WheN wE MeeT wE WeRe sO awKwarD
anD wE weNt a lonG rOaD
wE haVe HuRt eAcH otHer aLonG tHe WaY..
I hoPe ThaT Ur sMiliNg FacE
Will Be WiTh mE unTil thE DaY
I faLL IntO EteRnaL sleeP...
When wE meeT eveRytHing Was AwkwaRd
aNd we wEnt aLong RoaD
BuT wE goT theRe In tHe EnD.


  1. apakah kemencarutan tersebut...???????
    sanskrit mane la yg di-copy ni ...

  2. terjumpa dlm laci
    sabta kasi kot..

  3. aku xnak r0men pape pasal p0em e2..haha..
    nice p0se!